Live Your Wedding To the Fullest

There is no wonder why couples around the world travel all the way to Santorini, to exchange vows of eternal love. The volcanic energy, along with the island’s celebrated beauty constitute an otherworldly setting. The epitome of tranquility lays in Santorini’s distinct landscape. The awe-inspiring half-sunk caldera, the quaint whitewash edifices and the waves crashing the harsh cliffs make quite the backdrop for a dream wedding.

Our signature hospitality and the elegant opulence of the surroundings caress the most prestigious day of your life. Perched on the cliff of the caldera, our hotel is crowned by the celestial wonder of Santorini’s sunset, while the stupendous vistas to Aegean’s infinite beauty offer bounteously its charm that embraces your lavish moments.
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Our team of experts is more than happy to make your fairy-tale wedding come to life. With an eye for detail, we offer services and ideas designed to meet your individual needs and preferences to fulfill your vision. After a sensational ceremony, the newlyweds are welcome to indulge in our honeymoon suite’s amenities. The enchanting suite, steeped in the orders of minimal Cycladic lines, opens out to a spacious balcony with seating area, overlooking the imposing volcano. The jacuzzi bathtub plays host to your most relaxing moments, offering a sense of seclusion wrapped in luxury.

To pamper the newlyweds, we bring a delicious breakfast, to kick-start your day, in the privacy of your honeymoon suite. The ideal romantic background for you to tie the knot with your beloved one awaits…To find out more about our wedding planning click here:
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