Set sail for Santorini’s captivating charm

Santorini hides many secrets that wait the mighty sailors to discover them. The crystal clear waters, the vibrant seabed and the amazing volcanic landscape constitute the perfect backdrop for a yacht charter experience.

A product of the volcanic eruption, the Red Beach still fascinates the visitors. The russet shingle and the imposing cliffs that surround the beach make an out of this world setting. While roaming the sea, make a stop to witness this unique spectacle.

The smaller White Beach is actually a natural continuation of the Red Beach but it offers quite different colors. The sand here is black and the cliffs that crown the beach make a stark contrast with its white hues. The vibrant seabed is perfect for snorkeling, while you can enjoy swimming in the azure waters.

Near the ancient settlement of Akrotiri and Pharos lies the secluded Akrotiri beach. It features an amazing open view to the Aegean sea and pristine waters that make sailors jump off their decks and immerse themselves in the infinite blue. The rocky formation found there resemble an Indian face that calmly stares the horizon.
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Maybe the highlight of every sailing excursion in Santorini, the breathtaking caldera offers quite a spectacle. After the volcanic eruption, a large portion of the island sunk into the water, leaving a caldera of 5 square kilometers.

The bay of Agios Nikolaos is the place to go for a deep healing experience. The sulfurous waters soothe your body while you can take a therapeutic mud bath at the bay. Highly recommended to alleviate people that suffer from rheumatism, skin conditions, and arthritis.

Chartering a yacht is a great idea to explore Santorini’s extraordinary landscape. There will be many stops during your trip as there are plenty of beaches that will draw your attention.
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