Unravel to Santorini’s discreet luxury

Santorini is a destination of romantic ambiance, that plays host to quaint Cycladic architecture and minimal beauty. Its unique charm lies at the simplicity that merges perfectly with the luxury settlements that dots the enchanting landscape. At the caldera, visitors witness the overwhelming wrath of nature, as the eruptions have sculptured the island over the years, offering a touching scenery. The setting alone is an impressive melange of beautiful images that constitute Santorini's magnitude.

Luxurious in its simplicity, Santorini has emerged as the ultimate destination for hideaways wrapped in opulence. There are many elegant cafes and restaurants of high aesthetics that host visitor’s carefree moments, steeped in effortlessly lavishness. As most of them feature magnificent balconies and terraces, you will find yourself surrounded by an out of this world setting. Celestial wonders and Aegean’s infinite blue offer a rich experience that exceeds traveler's expectations. Blending smoothly modern services with Cycladic hospitality, Santorini provides an astonishing array of elegant shops of international and local brands, while island’s beaches endorse a cosmopolitan atmosphere with many distinct amenities.
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Encompassing all these elements into a delightful stay experience, Tholos Luxury Hotel Resort provides a stylish end to your vacations, caressing your needs in a superb environment. Design of the interiors makes for an ambiance of high aesthetics, to create impeccable moments that withstand time. Stupendous vistas to the awe-inspiring crater enthrall the senses as Aegean’s infinite blue is embraced by the scenic backdrop. The cave-like aspect of interior demonstrates the timeless charm of the Cycladic architecture. Extraordinary amenities and surroundings made to immerse yourself in utmost comfort, allure our guests to a fascinating stay in Santorini.

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