An Infinitely Indulging Gastronomic Experience

A fine dining evening offers the perfect epilogue to a beautiful day spent at the beach or exploring Santorini’s landmarks. On Tholos Hotel patio, that looks upon a spectacular panoramic vista to the Aegean and the volcano, you will find Infinity Restaurant, introducing you to a luscious gastronomic adventure that is sure to arouse your senses.

Infinity Restaurant is a place where the magnificent backdrop blends with the unique Mediterranean fusion recipes, to bring about an unforgettable gourmet experience. The warm atmosphere, the décor that follows the subtle Cycladic aesthetics, and the attentive service, prepares you for an utterly tantalizing evening.
Our team of chefs, create culinary masterpieces using fresh, locally sourced, products, to offer you an authentic “taste” of Santorini. The island’s volcanic terrain yields unique in the world products, rich in aroma and taste, that are perfect for creating whimsical recipes for our menu.

There is no better time to delve into Infinity Restaurant’s delectable dishes than the magnificent sunset, which makes for an infinitely romantic dining experience. Our team can arrange a private dinner for you and your significant other, to indulge in one-of-a-kind fine dining, as the glorious spectacle begins to unfold its magical colors all around, and into your beloved’s eyes.
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