Breakfast at Tholos Resort

Breakfast at Tholos Resort is no ordinary affair. A multi-choice of delicious goodies are there for you to choose from. Omelettes, eggs “anyway you like them”, bacon and sausages, fresh bread, jam & honey, Greek Yoghurt, croissants, cornflakes and muesli are just some of the things on the menu. You can even ask for something NOT on the menu if you tell us in advance.
Breakfast is served in your room – so basically you sit outside (why wouldn’t you with a-view-like-that), relax and let us pamper you. There is not a “skyscraper” in sight, save the magnificent Skaros Rock (once the site of a Venetian Castle) and the blue Santorini sky – plus the Volcano – mustn’t forget that.
And then, you lean back, breathe in the view and say to yourself “What A Way to Start The Day”. And why wouldn’t you? We say it every day.
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