The picturesque village of Ammoudi

Famous for its striking sunset, walking down the beautiful Oia you will encounter the charming little village called Ammoudi. Though you can reach the village by taking a car from Oia, we would suggest you a few alternatives. One alternative is to take the approximately 200 steps all the way down, or just sit back and enjoy the ride at the back of a kind donkey. Either way, the route is really enjoyable as the cliffs and caves surround the scenery.

At the end of your walk –or at the end of the donkey’s walk- you will find a small port where boats and fish-caiques are anchored. Right beside there is a beautiful, tiny cove with crystal waters and a small rock beach, where you can swim or even take part in a variety of sea activities. Though there are no sunbeds or umbrellas you can follow the path, past the taverns and cafes to an awesome diving area, where the high rocks are offered to the strong swimmers for some extreme dives!
After your swim, while watching the Oia standing at the far top end of the hill, you may enjoy a great local lunch to any of the fish taverns nearby. It is without question that you will definitely taste amazing local dishes, homemade pies and the freshest fish you ever had. Along with some traditional ouzo or a cold beer, a day at the Ammoudi will be a day to remember.

The main paved road by the sea is offered for some afternoon romantic walks, with the sun setting in the horizon. There also a few gift shops to buy anything you want before you take the way back to Oia. Should you would prefer to make an additional small trip you will have the chance to rent a small boat and visit the neighboring island of Therasia.
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