A tour especially for wine lovers

There are truly many interesting activities available in Santorini, for all kind of tastes and different types of tourism. From scuba diving to relaxing donkey rides, watching the sun sets to the stunning blue horizon, or swim to the crystal clear water: no matter the type of tourism you want to follow do not miss the chance for a tour to a local winery. Santorini has produced wine since ancient times and during the Middle Ages it became worldwide famous with the Italian influence still present.
Among the most famous grape varieties, the Tuscan sweet wine is called Vin Santo and is made in a passito style from grapes dried in the sun after harvest. Santorini also produces a blended and rose wine made from white grapes such as Athiri, Aidini and Assyrtiko, as well as wines from red grapes such as Mandelaria.

There are so many wine tours to choose from in the most distinct wineries and traditional cellars of the island. Wine tours offered as a unique tasting trip, through the wine making process all the way to own your favorite type of wine.
Choose from private to semi-private tours designed to offer you all the great vineyard secrets of Santorini and fit all the beauty of the island in one single glass. Alternatively, you can design your own personalized tour by choosing online all the vineyard that seem interesting and celebrate in a feast of taste and aroma that Santorini offers to its guests.

There is also the Wine Museum, established in an extraordinary natural cave, 6 meters below ground and 300 meters long. Situated in the area of Vothonas, near Kamari Beach, the museum presents to its guests the history and life of wine from 1660 until nowadays.
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