The imposing Skaros Rock standing tall in Santorini

In just 10 minutes walking distance from Tholos Resort, the most important attraction of Imerovigli, stands the impressive Skaros rock that can be seen all the way from Fira. On top of the conic rock the ruins of a once majestic castle lay there. The castle was connected to the rest of the island with a movable wooden bridge, it was densely populated and had a labyrinth used as a path. The castle oversees the blue Aegean Sea and is a great place to view the sunset with your loved one.

The legend says that pirates were never able to conquer this castle in all of its 600 years of existence. A hiking path trail originated from Agios Georgios church connects Skaros Rock with the Imerovigli village. It is ideal for a hiking day to make this the starting point and go all the way to Oia town. The view from up there is truly mesmerizing!
Despite the fact that the castle is nowadays nothing but ruins, it retains a dreamy atmosphere and an old charm. It is generally uninhabited apart from a small church, the Chapel of Agios Ioannis, located on its north side. Take the chance to visit this unique monument and watch, as the day slips through the ruins into the deep blue sea and your mind captures some amazing pictures to become a unique memory.

All this amazing scenery inspires many young couples to celebrate their love by organizing their wedding or even their vow renewal. Under the ancient spirits wandering in the ruins and the breathtaking view of the sunset, this ceremony will be a truly unique moment. It will also be a great excuse for you and your future husband or wife to visit again Santorini and get stunned by its overwhelming beauty!
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