Discovering the Extraordinary Volcano of Santorini

Standing right in front of caldera, the once reason of terrifying events, Santorini’s volcano is the most famous landmark. Due to the constant ancient eruptions, the volcano has chiseled all the island’s unique beauty.

When you will first lay your eyes in the island while approaching with the boat, you will witness the remaining signs of this spectacular natural phenomenon. The colorful cliffs take the breath away even from the most experienced globetrotters who had visited many different parts of the globe.
Taking a boat tour to Nea Kameni, the newest islet creation of the volcano, you will have the chance to explore its magnificence. Though constant research is being developed from experts that guarantee your safety, the idea of this massive volcano remaining active through decades will give you a chill.

From there you can see little villages perched on high cliffs, where the colors are unique and peculiar. Watch the scenery as the sun paints the sky with warm purple colors right before disappearing into the sea.
If you choose to have the complete experience, with a boat you will be making your first stop at the harbor of Erinia the small volcano bay, where you can follow the path to the top to see the active craters. Walk upon the solid black lava sides of the steaming volcano. Let the boat take you to the island of Palea Kameni, home of the famous mud baths and hot springs formed by the volcanic eruptions. Swim in the small bay of Agios Nikolaos. Feel its therapeutic energy as the underwater hot springs mix with the normal sea currents.

Allow yourself to fade away as the magnificent yet intimidating strength of this sleeping giant watches over you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you should not miss out on!
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