Dining and Bar

Where a meal is transformed into a gourmet experience…

While on holiday, there’s nothing like a lovely dinner to top a long warm day spent at the beach or around the island’s numerous attractions. On the patio of our hotel, with swoon-worthy panoramic vistas, your dining will become a true feast of the senses: as the spectacular sunset slowly brings the romantic evening, you will indulge in a fine gastronomic experience and enjoy inspired plates from our menu with emphasis on the modern Mediterranean cuisine.

And, if you wish to add even more to the stunning scenery and culinary delight, you can choose to have a private dinner with your darling, family or friends in a special corner we have created, in order to offer our guests a unique feeling of intimacy and seclusion.

It’s the kind of personal touches that matter to us because they’ll make your memories everlasting.

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