Making your special dream a perfect reality…

Many claim that the “magic” energy of Santorini comes from the volcano itself and imbues everything.
It’s no wonder then that so many couples from around the world choose to travel here to get married.
The island’s enchanting vibes and out-of-this-world beauty make it the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding and honeymoon.

The juxtaposition of the whitewashed suites to the harsh imposing cliff in which they nestle, the fierce beauty of the volcano as it lays half sunk in the sea, and the white villages crowning the Caldera top farther in the distance, compose a breathtaking scenery, the ideal romantic background for you to tie the knot with your beloved. And just before the evening comes, the dreamlike colours of the sunset turn this poetic amalgam of pictures into the most wonderful background for those exceptional moments.

The staff at Tholos Resort can suggest and provide a wide variety of options for bringing the wedding of your dreams to life. With attention to every detail, we offer services and ideas designed to meet your individual needs and preferences and fulfil your vision.

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